Judging criteria

Entry into the Competition will open in March 2021.

Whether you are taking part in the online heats or the Finals, the judging criteria are the same. 

Projects are split into two streams: 

Entrants choose their stream when entering their projects, which the Competition team use to assign judges. If the entrant is unsure of the stream they should select, they should contact the Competition team

All judges are experts in their fields and will be reviewing projects against the following main criteria: 

1. Project overview: a brief summary of your project, with a clear outline of your aims, how you planned to achieve your aims, key findings and conclusions and how your work may impact the wider community/world. 

2. Project concept: what is the aim of your project? Why did you choose this project? Who might benefit from your work? 

3. Project process: how did you set out to achieve your project aims? What background research did you do? What approaches did you consider, and what did you choose? How well did you plan and organise your work? 

4. Project outcome: What were your project outcomes? What were your results and findings? What conclusions can you make? 

5. Reflections and next steps: What did you learn whilst working on your project? What did new skills did you learn? What advice would you give someone who wanted to do a STEM project in the same field? 

6. Personal skills: Throughout your entry, judges will be assessing the following skills: understanding and application of scientific/engineering method, clear and concise communication, enthusiasm and passion, evidence of innovation and creativity, problem solving, teamwork and leadership or independence and self-motivation.  

Project guidance

Please find below some guidance from our head judges to help you approach the different sections of the judging criteria:  

Download our science project guidance

Download our engineering project guidance

Our main advice is for competitors to do their best and provide as much relevant information as possible. Judges understand recent restrictions may impact students' ability to fully complete their projects and will of course bear this in mind when judging projects. 

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Remember, our judges are interested in finding out more about your work and want to celebrate your achievements!

Advice on entry formats

Competitors will have the option to upload their project work either as a video or written submission. 

If you are planning to enter a video, your film should be between 5 - 7 minutes long. Download our guide on how to film a video entry.

If you are planning a written submission, you should work towards the following word counts: