Judging criteria and VIP judges

The judges will be looking for projects that score highly against the following main criteria:

Project concept

Project process

Project outcome

Personal skills

1. Project concept - what was the motivation behind your project and what were your aims?
2. Project process - how well did you plan and organise your work? What sort of experiments and research did you do? Were you innovative or creative in your approach?
3. Project outcome - how well did your project achieve its aims? Is your final product or report of a high quality? Does your project have a ‘real-world’ application?
4. Personal skills - how well did you deal with any problems or challenges? How well do you communicate your project? Does your enthusiasm shine through?

There are two entry routes into The Competition and finalists are selected to showcase at The Big Bang UK Fair in March 2019.

Should you require more information on judging, please view the full judging criteria and the Rules and eligibility 2018-19 for more information. 

Meet the VIP Judges 2019