Top tips for a successful project

Make sure your project stands out to our judges by following our tips below!

- Check out the judging criteria! Our judges will score your project on four key areas: project concept, project process, project outcomes and personal skills.

- Leave no stone unturned! Know your project inside out and scrutinise your results.

- Have you done your research? Let our judges know about all of the materials you considered.

- Think big! Does your project have a real world application? Can it be commercialised? Do you have a business strategy?

- Pick your stream and related disciplines carefully select the topics that relate to your project to ensure that the right judges are marking your work.

- Present your work clearly if you are displaying graphs, tables or other figures, make sure everything has a title and is clearly labelled.

- Show judges what you have achieved! If your project involved creating a prototype or blueprints, upload an image or bring them with you to show our judges. If you did an experiment, take pictures or bring in the equipment you used and samples of your results.

- Show your passion! Make sure your enthusiasm for your project is communicated through your entry.

- Make your stand as interesting and engaging as possible if you are entering via our regional route.

- Make every word count! If you are entering via our online route you will have up to 5,000 characters for each of the main criteria areas. Make sure everything you include is relevant to your project.