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Photo of David Bernstein

David Bernstein

Age: 16

Loughborough Grammar School

UK Young Engineers of the Year 2017 - ‘Medivest’

David and Sankha from Loughborough Grammar School in the West Midlands won the award of UK Young Engineers of the Year 2017 for their project ‘Medivest’.
The winners of the Young Engineer of the Year title were inspired to act after Sankha witnessed a passer-by having an epileptic fit. He then teamed up with fellow Loughborough Grammar School student, David, to create a wearable vest that monitors heart rate variability and body temperature to efficiently predict an epileptic fit up to eight minutes in advance.
Once a fit is detected, the vest sends a message to both the wearer’s phone as well as possibly a carer to warn them that they need to seek help.

The Big Bang Competition : How did you find The Big Bang Fair and The Big Bang Competition?

David Bernstein: “The Big Bang Fair has been an absolute manic couple of days for us – but I’ve loved every second of it! It’s an opportunity to learn about the most amazing sciences and engineering and I’m humbled to be around such amazing minds working to create the newest science and technology.” David Bernstein, UK Young Engineer of the Year 2017.