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Photo of Rushil Patel, Benjamin Piggott, Aaron Erickson, Darren Da Silva

Rushil Patel, Benjamin Piggott, Aaron Erickson, Darren Da Silva


St Wilfrid's

Intermediate Engineering Category, Winner - Mindmote

Mindmote is a system allowing brainwaves to be coverted into data that can be manipulated to perform functions such as remote control wheelchairs, drones and potentially monitor the stress levels of the consumer. Mindmote has the ability to enhance the world around us from increasing the safety of our soldiers to improving the mobility of less able people.

The idea for Mindmote came from a relative that was bed-bound with pneumonia and was experiencing difficulties with simple everyday tasks such as turning lights on and off to picking up the phone. With the use of a toy headset known as mindflex and the modification with bluetooth components, it was possible to send information from the human brain to a micro-controller. This enabled the user to switch a light on and off.

After our success at the Big Bang Fair (South East) we sought the advice of local engineering firms and we have evolved our project to enhance our product, making it suitable for and tailoring the requirements to a wider audience. We decided to use our financial gains to upgrade our hardware which allowed us to increase the efficiency and reliability of the system. This has accelerated the use of Mindmote from switching appliances on and off to the control of drones and wheelchair movement.

: What was your favourite part of entering the Competition?

Rushil Patel, Benjamin Piggott, Aaron Erickson, Darren Da Silva: The Competition is one of the best things we've experienced to date. It was just great that we were able to see some of the biggest STEM companies in the country and meet loads of new people. It was just a generally fun couple of days!