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Photo of Travis Poulton

Travis Poulton

Age: 17

Hinckley Academy and John Cleveland Sixth Form Centre

Senior Science Category Winner

Travis Poulton was the winner of the senior science category of The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Competition 2019, for his project Arthritis Today Gone Tomorrow. Travis worked in his school lab to develop a drug that treats arthritis, which is likely to be cheaper to produce than current drugs available.He reached the UK finals of The Competition having won a place in the East Midlands Big Bang Fair heats.

: Tell us about your experience at the finals

Travis Poulton: The finals were the most exciting set of three days that I have experienced yet. It was so nice to talk to like-minded finalists, all with amazing projects. Not only did people make new friends but we also all got enthusiastic for telling everyone else about our own projects. I found talking to the public, groups from schools and the members of the Big Bang Competition to be my favourite part. I got more and more enthusiastic as the Fair progressed, feeling happier and happier to embrace STEM. I'm excited to see next year’s entries when I volunteer to come back! Overall I'm excited to see what opportunities I will get over the next year since there are endless possibilities for everyone.