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Photo of Mojiz Mirza, Elizabeth Cole, Archie Milroy-Mason

Mojiz Mirza, Elizabeth Cole, Archie Milroy-Mason


Overton Grange School

Intermediate Science Category, Winner - mosquiNO for Mosquitoes

Our main aim was to produce products that utilises the repellent properties in the scent of the Ocimum K herb, so as to aid affected persons in the fight against malaria. We wanted to find out which product(s) retained the efficacy of Ocimum K as an effective repellent after being processed into a product for future use in countries affected by this disease. We wanted to make a product that people in affected areas can easily make and replicate as well as love to use on their skin

: What was your favourite part of showing your project as part of the Finals at The Big Bang Fair?

Mojiz Mirza, Elizabeth Cole, Archie Milroy-Mason: The Big Bang Fair was an incredibly eye-opening event which allows young innovators to further their interest in STEM subjects through the practical application of their knowledge. The event gave us the opportunity to discuss a variety of ideas to a range of individuals, making us more confident speakers and enhancing our understanding of fields were not conscious of before!