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Photo of Baran Korkmaz

Baran Korkmaz

Age: 14

Highams Park School

Junior Engineering Category, Winner - IMAREC: Mobile Emergency Application

In emergency situations, such as a fire, it is often difficult to evacuate a complex building quickly and there is the added risk of lack of communication between the emergency services and people inside the building. I propose the use of IMAREC, an Indoor Mobile Augmented Reality Evacuation and Multi-Purpose Communication System, based on Augmented Reality. IMAREC allows users to easily alert authorities of a fire, allows authorities to control who to alert in a emergency situation for a phased evacuation, and lets the user easily evacuate to the most optimal exit with a head-mounted display, AR directions and tags (to locate emergency tags). Users will also be able to provide realtime indoor intelligence for authorities to use.

The 3 main technologies behind IMAREC are: ARKit based Augmented Reality combined with Google Cardboard and P2P networked communication. These technologies correlate with the software components of this application: RescueMe, Alert, Connect and Evacuate.

The IMAREC Headset is an external hardware component of this project, with the purpose of being the google cardboard redesign to suit Mobile AR in emergency situations. The headset provides fire and smoke resistance, as well as making it easy to launch the app and place your phone inside the headset in under 2 minutes.

: How was your experience of the Competition?

Baran Korkmaz : “The Big Bang Competition was an eye-opening experience where I had the opportunity to teach others and learn from others in a novel way outside the classroom. This opportunity paves the way for a more innovative world by finding those future pioneers and giving them a platform to share and collaborate on."