Finalists School Project Region

Mia Jones

Lindo Ngwenya

Hope Macleod

Thomas Telford School

Does the Temperature of Water Affect the Number of Bacteria Killed? West Midlands

Michael Crisp

Thomas Bashforth-Murphy

Simon Balle All-through School

Where Have All the Slow Worms Gone? Eastern

Amelia Roberts

Home Education

Light Pollution? Problem? Why? Wales

Amy Newman

Kartik Kumar

Chloe Treece

Darja Utacova

Jessica Gray

Karol Klempar

Jan Klempar

Merrill Academy

Derby STEM Competition: Moving Derby Forward East Midlands

Devraj Roy

St George's College


Planet Pure South East

Tom McLaughlin

Mark McLaughlin

Abdelrahman Bedair

Foyle College

Get the Scoop on Stroop Northern Ireland

Keira Dennison

Sandbach High School and 6th Form College

Does Breakfast Affect School? North West

Morgan Austin

Ryan Parry

Nia Pearson

Joshua Arch

Ethan Hodge

Harri Evans

Harry Jones

Osian Williams

Alex Yates

Ysgol Uwchradd Glan Clwyd

Room Usage and Energy Tracker Wales

Jane Jose

Charlotte Wojcik

James Morrison

Martha Laundy-Blair

Carmel College

Devise a test method to measure the level or extent of fogging on a piece of eyewear North East

Rachel Dark

Gao Qu

Priyanka Narayan

Hetty Symes

Liberty Wright

The Stephen Perse Sixth Form College

EcoSort: Plastic Cup Recycling Eastern

Liam Weaver

Henry Wallace

Tomas Sharp

Daniel Streeter

Alexander Atkin

The John Henry Newman RC School

Optical Fibre Heat Transfer in a Satellite Eastern

Halimah Ershad

Dyson Institute of Engineering

BrooDen-High End Chick Brooder South West

Macx Roche

Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi

Beta-Box Wales

Leo Warren

Millie Cheater

Mia Johnson

Jessica Walker

Tayla Flatters

Redmoor Academy

The Woodland Inn Eco Hotel East Midlands

Richard Cavanagh

Ricky Eatough

Piragash Selvakumar

Mohit Miyanger

Queen Elizibeth's Boys' School Barnet

Podium Pressure Locking Safety System London

Shafae Ali

Luke Kwan

Altrincham Grammar School for Boys

MyGlove North West

Annabelle Martin-Smith

Plume School

Compact Camping Storage Eastern

Charlotte Day

St Anne's Sixth Form College

Comparing Marine Grazing Rates South East

Alice Chernaik

Dame Alice Owen's School

Automation in Drug Development Eastern

Caden Dias-Bandaranayake

Bexhill Sixth Form College

Investgating Concentration of Interluekin 6 in Fire Instructors South East

Zafirah Hussain

Luton Sixth Form College

Behaviour Responses of Pest Beetle, Acanthoscelides Obtectus to Odor Sources Eastern

Ewen Dodds Ward

Royal Grammar School Guildford

Open-Source Science and Malaria South East

Hannah Hanson

Coppice Performing Arts School

Investigation of Migration Potential of Glioblastoma Cells with High NF-kB West Midlands

Ravinder Kaur

Nottingham Girls' Academy

Orthopedic Tissue Interfaces East Midlands

Rylan Beckingham

Yeovil College

Assessing the Possibility of Using 3D Printed Models in the Treatment of Bicuspid Aortic Valve Disease (BAV) South West

Sarah Williamson

Sam Harris

Matthew Davidson

Ben Broadley

Findlay Gilmour

Larbert High School

Combination Tank Scotland


East Barnet School

Girls of Steel London

Charlotte Newey

Ellie Roberts

Loreto Grammar School

Independent Drive North West

Mamusu Sankoh

Alice Mallon

Loreto Grammar School

Eco Bathing North West

Flora Beazley

Miriam Oronsaye

Katie Wilkinson

Loreto Grammar School

Yo Smart Tec North West

Jude Goodsell

Lakshmi Aggarwal

Charlotte Lewis

Lily Griffiths

Toby Gwynne

Tom del Rio

Teddington School

Lady Eleanor Holles School and Hampton School

How AI Can Help Everyone London

Nicole Ellie Hirst

Horbury Academy

N.S.S.C. Yorkshire and Humberside

Alexander Gray

Gray Family

Home Educated

Racing Drone South East

Adam Axelrod

Hardeep Barard

Zeeshan Choudhury

Iradat Dabiri

Nicole Egenes

Parmiter's School

LGCSE Eastern

Harriet Bean

Josie Baker

Alice Nicholson

Abigail Hutchinson

Louise Mcintosh

Ella West

Bradford Girls' Grammar School

Project Marigold Yorkshire and Humberside

Niamh Boyle

Sacred Heart Catholic High School

"Natural World" Dress North East

Natasha Longshaw

Sandbach High School and 6th Form College

Geographical Table North West

Lily Hayward

Ellie Beech

Drew Salter

Thomas Telford School

How Does Colour Affect Memory? West Midlands

Mary-Jane Harris

Grace Bloomfield

Thomas Telford School

What Substances Can Make Bubbles Last Longer? West Midlands

Kamran Kandola

Kai Lissimore

Ben Crompton

Thomas Telford School

How Do Different Factors Effect the Size of Craters? West Midlands

Nathan Green

Tomos Elwell-Jones

Thomas Telford School

How Does Sugar Affect the Refractive Index of Water? West Midlands

Sarah Higgins

Hannah King

Freya Simcox

Thomas Telford School

Which Washing Up Liquids and Drying Methods Are Best at Killing Bacteria? West Midlands

Luke Francis Davison

Luke Cameron Waddell

Sackville School

Investigating Resonance and its Implications South East

Isabelle Soper

Ruby Rose

Felsted Preparatory School

Perfect Pitch South East

Rory Jones

Queen's Park High School

Chemical Rockets North West

Edie Martell

Lorna Carvell

Corbridge Middle School

Limited Water for Hand Washing North East

Charlotte Maughan

Cecile Durkin

Corbridge Middle School

Bottled Water or Tap? North East

Lauren Rebstein

Pia Thapliyal

The Ladies' College


Diabetic Orange Juice The Channel Islands

Charlie Steeples

Outwood Academy Shafton

Making Electricity Sustainable Yorkshire and Humberside

Oliver Copeland

Outwood Academy Shafton

Can Kindness Increase Recall? Yorkshire and Humberside

Thomas Smith

Outwood Academy Shafton

Sending Milk to Third World Countries Yorkshire and Humberside

Maya Lutton

Rebekah Hennessey

Ballyclare High School

Knocking Out Microbes Northern Ireland

Frances Fitzpatrick

Sunita Garg

Txenoa Ashley Parsons

Rugby High School

Our Suggestion to Your Indigestion Question East Midlands

Kaitlyn Henden

Mae Howard

Jemma Rule

Rugby High School

"Jematlyn" the Soap Opera East Midlands

Umara Kashif

Sumayyah Abbas Taj

Nusra Fatima Sajeel

Azhar Academy Girls School

Identifying Ions London

Hannh Callcut

Jasmine Rooke

Churchill Academy and Sixth Form

Air Pollution South West

Robert Huddie

Alex Donaldson

Joshua Bradley

Spencer Wilson

Felix Hill

Ben Harrington

Malton School

Roman Eye Medicine Yorkshire and Humberside

Han Wong

Anyi Wong

Yara Ahmed

Robbie Jesson

Jamie Kerfoot

Arthur Cartwright

Brody Jellyman

Sale Grammar School

My School is an Island North West

Izzy Quinn

Tiegan Findlay

Ashleigh Merrick

Milly Denslow

Lola Freckleton

Maiden Beech Academy

The Rubbish Project South West

Megan Penrose

Holly Mills

Holly Blakesley

West Exe School

The Use of Cricket Flour in Everyday Foods South West

Kayla Kongsamran

More House School

Can Making Paper out of Bananas Reduce Deforestation London

Tori Eglon

Harlie Symes

Calli Young

Ellie Hooper

Maiden Beech Academy

TPTS South West

Jacob Duffy

Ellie Shingler

Keely Jones

Ella Paddock

Mary Webb School and Science College

Which Sun Cream is the Best? North West

Alishba Khalid

Bedford Girls' School

Heart Disease Treatment Eastern

Raheq Ahmed

Ifaj Ahmed

Daniel Widdowson

Joel Paterson

Chloe Gray

Jasmine Saad

Monkseaton Middle School

Does Music Affect Performance? North East

Reuben Smith

Maya Hudson

Tom Reid

Tegan Skinner

Jeremy Garside

Monkseaton Middle School

How Does the Way we Think Change as we Get Older? North East

Ava Canney

St Mary's College

Investigating Blue Dye in Food Northern Ireland

Sada Boxall

Charlotte Haddo

Sweetha Seelan

Shalini Senadheera

Watford Grammar School for Girls

How Much Calcium Carbonate is in an Egg Shell? Eastern

Emily Nicolas

Watford Grammar School for Girls

How Does Microwave Radiation Affect Different Life Forms? Eastern

Lewis Head

Will Muncer

Danny Orpin

Ruby-Leigh Smith

Rosa Mason

Eadie Woollard

Simon Balle All-through School

Device Oasis Eastern

Rachel Doran

Emily Wolfenden

Isla Skelton

Dominiqe Drage

Anna Mitchell

Guildford County School

Vitamins and Minerals from Recycled Food South East

Dani Howard

Swanwick Hall School

A Study into Aspirin East Midlands

Maryam Kurrimboccus

Holy Cross College

Creating a Landmine Simulator North West

Rhys Evans 

Lowri Mathias 

Mared Owen 

Sam Reynolds 

Sam Silverthorne 

Rebecca Walters 

Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Myrddin

Failsafe Mechanism for Automated Plant Watering System Wales

Dipendra Gurung

Henrique Florencio Marote

Kiran Pachabhaiya

Marfa Popova


Michael Tye

Kent College Canterbury

Low Cost Robotic Arm South East

Joanna Harries

Georgina Harrison

Ciara Law

William Thornton

The Grammar School at Leeds

Water Purification System Yorkshire and Humberside

Ankitha Krisshnan

Jimin Park

Tina Liu

Becca Tyson

Maddie Waller

Nicole Hockaday

Sutton High School

Toast-E London

Kane Delooze

Jared Fisher

Callum Young

Nihad Mahmoud

James Hewitson

Shannon Muir

Sven Ololins

UTC Warrington

Nuclear New Build North West

Rory Rose

Keith Yardley

Thomas Santini

Robert Gordon's College

3D Printers for Schools Scotland

Hannah Talbot

Cara Fogarty

Desiree Caspers-Frankel

Cynthia Ekengwu

Hannah Wakefield

Aiman Zaidi

The Grammar School at Leeds

Centrifugal Water Pump Yorkshire and Humberside

Beth Mottram

The Mount School

Space Saving Furniture Yorkshire and Humberside

Sophie Search

The Mount School

Riding Aid with Storage Yorkshire and Humberside

Anthony Hadjiyiannis

The Henry Box School

Robotic Arm to Hold and Move a 3D Hand Scanner Eastern

Alex Condliffe

Brandon Evans

Tommy Evans

Erin Huxley-Jones

Jack Conrad Smith

Adam Watson

Britney Young

Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi

DC Battery Reliability Improvements Wales

Tamanna Dasanjh

Isobel Austin

Hannah Kim

Kitty Farren

The Grammar School at Leeds

Navigation App for the Visually Impaired Yorkshire and Humberside

Hannah Diaper

Ulverston Victoria High School

Factors Influencing Insulation Resistance North West

Kyle Williams

Monmouth School for Boys

Public Bike Locking Facility Wales

Aidan Grenville

Georgins Martin

Robert Norris

Ravin Rupesinghe

Jenny Rodgers

D'Arcy Seamon

Stephen Perse Sixth Form College

Water Management in Refugee Camps Eastern

Oliver Custance

Jessica Forde

Louis Gilliland

Abbie Jones

Cathryn Jones

Tom Owens

Oli Taylor

Alun School

Swarfe Removal System for Combination Drills Wales

Charlie Winkley

Harrison Ball

Kai Bass

Ben Smithbury

Aya Nasr

Hannah Dunn-Coleman

Worthing College

Std Parts to Strip Keg Station South East

Lewis Croasdale

Ulverston Victoria High School

Design Rationalisation for 8-way Penetrator for SEM North West

Matthew Saunders

Bluecoat Aspley Academy

User Interaction in TSC's VR East Midlands

Andrew Gray

Pierre-Marie Semichon

Charlotte Payne

Abigail Chapman

Hardenhuish School

Investigation into Mitigating Risk on Construction Sites Using Wearable Technologies South West

Niamh Stretton

Hamilton Grammar School

Survival of E. coli in Water Scotland

Gabriel Phillips

Cowbridge Comprehensive School

Cerebral Palsy Mobility Device Wales

Eleanor Carey

Ethan Farmer

Edward Platts

James Harris

Edward Lawson

Matthew Hill

RGS Worcester

Improving the Bosch WB6 Rework West Midlands

Luke Ashford

George Wright

Srivatsa Garg

Jeremy Zolnai-Lucas

Ethan Honey

Ralph Curwen

Watford Grammar School for Boys

Robot for Detecting IED Eastern

David Callow

Sean Groom

Michael Groom

Liverpool Life Sciences UTC

Designing a Cloud Chamber North West

Thomas O' Hare

St. Colman's College

ConChute Northern Ireland

Alyx Forester

Thomas Cullen

Cynffig Comprehensive School

Harnessing the Power of Big Data Wales

Robert Braiden

Grosvenor Grammar School

PEDALOCK Northern Ireland

Christopher Brown

Joshua Garner

Loughborough Grammar School

Buckle Concept East Midlands

Josh Mitchell

Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School

The PlyBot - A £50 Flatpack 3D Printer North West

Adam Hutchison

Glenwood High School

Technology in Escape Rooms Scotland

Elliott Marshall

Alexey Kapustin

Arthur Chong

Chloe Banfield

Rugby School

ClimaFuel Efficiency Enhancer Disc Screen West Midlands

Oren Hargreaves

The Royal Grammar School Guildford

Tank Trouble in Real Life South East

Baran Korkmaz

Highams Park School

iMAREC: Mobile Emergency Application London

Kieron Dalton

Loren Molyneux

Sian Thorpe

Brendon Whitfield

Ysgol Friars

A Photonics Concept Activated Self-Levelling Platform Wales

Callum Langley

Matravers School

Submersible Sonar Robotics South West

Joshua Talks

Luca Bennett

Yasir Rahman-Chowdhury

Royal Grammar School Newcastle upon Tyne

Motor Controller Test Rig North East

Isabella Bickerstaff

Grace Carling

Kiran Dulay

Jasmine Needham

Rugby High School

Wind Turbine Optimisation - Digital Twin West Midlands

Lauren Cooper

Finham Park School

Nuclei Detection Using ML West Midlands

Adrianna Wojtyna

Chigwell School

Eco-SERS Against Superbugs Eastern

Jessica Allwright

Bianca Boren

Nina Fraser

Alderley Edge School for Girls

Playground Clock and Traffic Light System North West

Karina Chan

Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form

Are You Relaxing? Eastern

Asmaa Hafez

Greenford High School

Detection of CYP450 Activation in Hepatocytes London

James Christopher Deakin

Chenderit School

Mites on Bombus Bumblebees South East

Edward Azurdia

Matthew O'Hare

William Reay

Daniel Walker

Birkenhead School

Potentially Lethal! North West

Joshua Weeks

Hinckley Academy and John Cleveland Sixth Form Centre

Smoothing the Turbulence  East Midlands

Leona Irwin

Hinckley Academy and John Cleveland Sixth Form Centre

Revitalising Rehydration East Midlands

Bethan Padbury

Hinckley Academy and John Cleveland Sixth Form Centre

Generating Understanding East Midlands

Emily Xu

James Allen's Girls' School

Chiral Separation of Racemic Mixtures using Liquid Phase Separation Techniques with Homochiral Metal Organic Frameworks London

Lucy Noyes

Hampton College

Optimising the Staining of Podosome Markers in NIH3T3 and Mouse Megakaryocytes Eastern

Fearghal Close

Séan Doherty

Dominic Bradley

Loreto College


Crumple Zone Northern Ireland

Emily Jones

Runshaw College

Genetic Causes of SLE North West

Caitlin Davies

Cromwell Community College

An Investigation into whether ACCS2 Regulates Histone Acetylation in Mammalian Cells Eastern

Harriet Graham

Lockerbie Academy

Diet and Methane in Dairy Cows Scotland

Sophie R Wartnaby

The Hemel Hempstead School

Strawberries – Sweet or Sharp? South East

Cherry Halfyard

The Hemel Hempstead School

The Effect of Potential Repellent Compounds on the Attrancy of the Greenhouse Whitefly Towards Host Plants South East

Faith Peddie

Fulston Manor School

Characterising a Tranfection Reporter System Using Confocal Microscopy South East

Rebecca Grewcock

Dornoch Academy

Antioxidant Potential of Seaweed Scotland

Finlay Cuffe

Sutton Grammar School

Audio Spectrum Analyzer London

Mohammed Ali Akbor

Bedford Modern School

DNA Recovery From Fingerprints Eastern

Jonathan Douglas

Douglas Academy

Aerofoil Manufacturing Process Scotland

Megan Hamilton

Brynteg School

Networking Stars Wales

Rebecca Froggatt

Steyning Grammar School

Investigation Into a New Preservative for a New Product Formulation South East

Rachael Gump

Callington Community College

Peripheral Nervous System Repair South West

Maitreyee Mahasweta Moudgalya

Kings Priory School

Interface Roughness in Thin Films North East

Ali Al-Ali

The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School

Can You Trust AI with Your Life? London

Jack Lee

RGS Guildford

Quantum Photonics Simulation South East

Kirsten Headspith

Cronton Sixth Form College

Adipocytes: Lipid Droplet Accumulation and Protein Expression North West

Jakevir Shoker

Leshanth Uthayanan

Daniel Smith

Lewis Coleman

Bablake School

RAFT and CROP Polymerisation West Midlands

Lucas Fernandez

St Thomas More Catholic School

Autonomously Overtaking a Stationary Body West Midlands

Patrick Buchanan

Camden School for Girls

Visualisation of Neurogenesis and Differentiation in Drosophila London

Manisha Waterston

Notre Dame High School

Music for the Eyes Scotland

Pary Amin

Nottingham Academy

Investigating Lateral Roots East Midlands

Yasith Senanayake

Dharvi Patel

Thanuj Vasuthevan

Karan Obhrai

Mohammed Husain

Peixuan Song

Sutton Grammar School

Vertigo London

Catherine Brown

Xaverian College

Temperature Regulation Mediated by an RNA Thermometer North West

Adriana Hasa

Colston's School

Biomimetic Dental Composites South West

Kirsty Dewars

Mearns Academy

Genetic Whale Identification Scotland

Thea Haywood

Sarah Pengelly

Ciaran Paterson

Miles Binnie

Thom Seager

Jenny Annear

Helston Community College

Do Food Colourings Affect Neurons South West

Christina Sathyaseelan

Rugby High School

Do Spices Have Antimicrobial Properties? East Midlands

Rebecca Spencer

Zack Cunningham

Evan Cunningham

Katie Wilkinson

Rainford High School

Soap and Suds Toys North West

Annie Hollis

Beth Willett

Rawlins Academy

How Does Colour Affect Photosynthesis? East Midlands

Gerard Boraku

Aston University Engineering Academy

Effect of Earth's Magnetic Field on Cosmic Rays West Midlands

Mojiz Mirza

Archie Milroy Mason

Elizabeth Cole

Overton Grange School

mosquiNO for Mosquitoes London

Rylan David Beckingham

Yeovil College

3D Printed Heart Models South West

Jiangmin Hou

The High School of Glasgow

The Role of Tenascin-C in Tendinopathy Scotland

Krtin Kanna Nithiyanandam

Sutton Grammar School

A Novel, Photocatalytic, Lead-Sequestering Bioplastic for Sustainable Water Purification and Environmental Remediation London

Fahima Maka

Bolton Sixth Form College

Novel Haematological Immunological Genetic Disorders North West

Georgia Allen

Vision West Nottinghamshire College

Investigation into Weight Stigmas Amongst Young Children East Midlands

Anna Wojciechowski

Mearns Academy

Can Copepods Develop at the Coldest North Sea Temperatures? Scotland

Gemma Farquhar

Monkseaton High School

The Impact of Polymicrobial Bladder Ecology on Urinary Tract Infections North East

Yasia Bilotkach

Gosforth Academy

Using Gene Manipulation as a Possible Treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia North East

Khouria Bruce-Acolatse

Grace Bryceland

Nanaka Shiraishi

Angelika Kaccouris

Jeannie Egypong

Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School

Exelixi: A Glimpse into the Future London

Katie Connolly

Daisy Whiteman

The Ladies' College


Guernsey Potato Power The Channel Islands

Maeve Stillman

St Mary's College

SCOBY< SCOBY< DO Northern Ireland

Eve Bonfield

Katie Moule-Bettell

Louise Bett

Saz Barzanji

Charlotte Lloyd-Hallet

Julia Piotrowicz

Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School

Stations of the Future London

Dónal Close

Siân Donaghy

Loreto College


Phonebook Physics Northern Ireland

Carmen Goddard

Violet Given

St Wilfrid's Catholic School

NetGirls South East

Alex Timms

Ivor Evans

David Richardson

Corbridge Middle School

Cheap and Cheerful Water Filters North East

Ellen Martin

Rachel Mc Auley

St Killian's College

Smart Desk Northern Ireland

Mia Ward

Ella Wood

Maisie Prigent

Millie Greenough

Netherthorpe School

Team Bloom East Midlands

Kiera Mc Killop

Sinead Mc Keown

St Killian's College

Dyslexic Aid Northern Ireland

Jennifer Sallabank

Ama Patel

Vania Azadi

Bella Greenfield

Eun Kim

Sutton High School

Hydraulic Arm London

Matthew Young

Liam Dutton

Biddick Academy

Food Decomposition: Can we Design a Preservation Chamber? North East

Sammy Medway-Smith

Alice Gower

Lucy Martin

Louis Broad

George Gollop

Olivia Rider

Simon Balle All-through School

The Piezo-Project Eastern

Joel Bingham

Tom Middleton

Dave Wood

Reuben Willis

Joseph Smith

Hasan Raoof

Toot Hill School

DERVEx East Midlands

Saahithya sree Aroori

Angela Le

Devonport High School for Girls

Can Our Artificial Reef Help to Prevent Cliff Collapse, and Promote Cold-Water Marine Life? South West

Henry Wilson

Jakob King

Eve Sutherland-Hurren

Isla-Mae Rampley

Lucy James

Flegg High School

Flegg High School STEM Club Eastern

Sacha Taylor

University Academy of Engineering South Bank

Smart Phone London

Netra Gupta

Ankitha Kunigiri

Loughborough High School

Energy from Exercise East Midlands

Kuljeevan Singh

Matthew Younger

Brendan Miralles

Loughborough Grammar School

S.P.A.R. East Midlands

Matthew Willis

Reading Blue Coat School

Design of Prototype ‘SmartCase’ South East

David Dugan

Craig Ennis

Knox Wilson

Grosvenor Grammar School

LifeBlock Northern Ireland

Olivia Millar

Louisa Millar

Lucy Milhench

Alicia Gallagher

Grosvenor Grammar School

HeadCASE Northern Ireland

Sam Edwards

Edward Mason

William Dummett

Henry Bramall

Newland House School

A Low Cost Solar Water Heating System for Use in Romania London

Alice Cartridge

Bethany Clarke

Hannah Emery

Lucy Jennings

Anika Mcmorrow

Pragyaa Vijayakumar

Rugby High School

My School is an Island West Midlands

Will Sumner

Harrison Dowell

Haylie Vallender

Sarah Shah

Jiya Arora

Jenna Brooks

The Ridgeway School

myTec South West

Harry Craig

Trinity School


Meeting Our World's Energy Needs: Pedal Power South East

Amelie Tu

Ursula Karki

Riju Prasai

Eltham Hill School

Ella the Engineer London

Ben Collins

Josh Beggs

Luna Von Hardenberg

Vy Au

Tom Ashcroft

Georgia Griffiths

Upton-by-Chester High School

Multiuse Drinks Bottle North West

Sara Helin

Ikmun Gill

Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

A Very Cool Project South East

Krishen Mistry

Shivam Patel

Duvarakan Gunaratnam

Hazelwick School

SKD Stealth Air South East

Rachael Macaulay

Anisia Tiplea

Ballymena Academy

ICEGUARD Northern Ireland

Anthony Cole

Bethany Chesterton

Sam Pascall

Atrium Studio School

Sound Board Project South West

Razannah Hussain

Mollie McGoran

Samantha Sutherland

Kian Metcalfe

Alness Academy

Alness Geoscience Space Project Scotland

Rushil Patel

Aaron Erickson

Benjamin Piggott

Darren Da Silva

St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Mindmote South East

Katie Handford

Antonia Buswell

Jayna Jobanputra

Loughborough High School

Conductor Vest East Midlands

Meraam Ibrahim

Grace Johnston

Loughborough High School

SafeCase East Midlands

Simon Knowles

Sutton Grammar School

Model Racing Car Lap Counter London

Aidan Ricketts

Oscar Zimmerman

Max Robins

Cameron McFarlane

Lewis-Ray Penk

Devonport High School for Boys

No More Nurdles South West

Vikram Singh

The Perse School


Bitcoin: Can Cryptocurrencies Replace Traditional Money? Eastern

Maud Webster

Mina Mitchell-Hardy

Bartosz Witek

Hannah Richmond

Ella Mann-Andrews

City of Norwich School - An Ormiston Academy

VEGreen: APPs to Optimise Gardening Eastern

Ella Rowland

Alice Mansur

Jennifer Vadher

Nadia Ziad

Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School

The Life Savers London

Luca Povoas

Mia Price

Sean Kett Morais

Esme Magnier

Avani Keshkamat

Ralegh Austin

Parmiter's School

VESS Eastern